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August 8, 2013
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     The sun set opposite the massive golden castle. The orange light reflected off of the gold building. No one in the city surrounding stirred. Everyone had already gone to bed, with the exception of one man.
     He sighed. He leaned against the wall, his head down. He was so damn bored.
    Ever since the two people who made his life a little interesting left, Sky had been bored out of his mind.
    Sure, his army kept him busy, but he missed the thrill of not knowing whether you would live or die.
    He missed the danger. He missed it all. But after his two best friends left to settle down elsewhere, there was nothing interesting about the Sky Army to him anymore.
    It just wasn't the same without them.
    For a while, it seemed as though things might be interesting. After he and Dawn got back together a while before his friends left, they had had a child as well.
    For a few years, it seemed as though he would have something to do again. Have a purpose.
    But then, on the child's seventh birthday, it mysteriously disappeared. The man and his recruits searched everywhere, but the child was nowhere to be seen.
    Of course, he blamed the squids.
    But what he didn't know was that there was a greater force at work than the squids could have possibly mustered eight years ago. And they chose now to resurface.
    The squids that were plotting against the Sky Army were unlike any they'd ever seen. An ancient breed of squids, they possessed greater abilities than any Minecraftian. Once their predecessors were defeated, the race of ancient squids rose again to kill Minecraftians in their place.
    Sky's child was in greater danger than he could ever imagine.
    He looked at the setting sun from where he sat on the roof of his house. Around him, snow fell and the night became increasingly colder.
      He sighed and closed his eyes. He missed his friends. Life wasn't nearly as eventful without the pair of them driving the sanity out of him at the blink of an eye.
     He missed being on the airship with them. He missed being in the sky, fighting off evils.
     He could hear the sounds of little feet running around inside the house below him. Then the creaking of stairs. He knew that his young daughter was there before she sat down beside him.
     She had brown hair just like her father, and her eyes exactly like her mother's.
     "Daddy,  look what I found in the attic!" She held up a round blue and orange object.
     The man's eyes widened. He slowly took the helmet in his own hands and stared at his own reflection in the glass of the orange visor. His own bright orange eyes stared back at him.
     "Where did you dig this up...?" The man asked, still surprised.
     "In the attic." The girl replied, smiling proudly. "I took it to mommy and she told me that it was yours." She replied.
     The man smiled and opened his mouth to reply, but before he could, his daughter's  face grew to terror. She screamed and ran back inside the house.
     The man spun around to see that a spider had spawned twenty feet below him on the ground. He smiled to himself.
     Avory might be massively stubborn and smart, but her fear of spiders was most definitely bigger.
     He stood up and walked back into the house. He walked down the stairs until he came to the first floor. He was about to walk into his bedroom when a voice stopped him.
     "Hey Jason, I uh... I have something to tell you..." Jason walked into the kitchen to see his wife waiting for him. He could tell that she was holding in excitement.
     "What is it?" Jason asked, almost suspiciously.
     His wife grinned. She couldn't hold it in any longer.
     "I'm pregnant!" Tasha shouted, her bright orange eyes filled with excitement.
    Jason froze. His eyes widened. Then a grin spread across his face. He laughed and picked Tasha up off the ground. He spun her around, both of them laughing, then put her down again and kissed her.
    For the moment, Jason's longing for excitement was forgotten.
    The man sat on the porch step, staring at the lightly glowing green headphones in his hands. Around him, everything was tinted orange, the setting sun casting the color all over the land.
     The air was cool, the day nearly done. The streets were peaceful. The children had all been called into their homes by their mothers. Including his own child.
     The man sighed. He looked around him at all the peace and tranquility surrounding him and he couldn't help but think about the past.
     Ever since their greatest threat had been ultimately destroyed, the Sky Army had prospered. They'd left the Slayer buried under the ocean in case they needed it someday.
     The man couldn't help but wish that that day would come sooner rather than later.
     He missed the old days, when he and his friends protected the other Minecraftians, facing certain death and on several occasions, rising from the dead.
     He sighed. He hadn't even seen his friends in years. Once the war had ended, none of them felt like they were needed anymore.
     One had left long ago to settle down elsewhere with his wife and his unborn child.
     The man himself had left as well. He found a village and settled there. Not long after he met his wife and they had a child of their own.
     The last stayed put, commanding his army from the ground base. Even though there was nothing left for them to fight.
    The man sighed again. He couldn't believe he was even thinking it, but he almost missed the slimy, miserable little-
    "Daddy!" The man turned around as the little girl sat on the step next to him. She had long brown hair covering one of her bright green eyes.
    He ruffled her hair. "What's up, kiddo?" He asked with a fake smile.
     The naive seven year old bought it. "Will you tell me the story again?" She asked.
     The man laughed. "Skylar, you know the story well enough to tell it to me!"
    "Please, Daddy?" The girl pleaded.
    The man smiled. "Alright, alright..." He said, rolling his eyes. His daughter beamed and leaned against his shoulder. He stroked her hair and began to tell her the story.
     "There once was a man named Deadlox. He made the sad happy and the angry laugh. He spread joy to the world with his friends. And when he was kidnapped, his friends risked their lives to save him." He said. "He travelled the world, meeting two other men along the way."
    "Sky and Jason!" Skylar said happily. The man smiled.
    "That's right." He said. "The three travelled the land, protecting all of Minecraftia from the-"
    "-Squid menace." Skylar interrupted, her voice low as she spoke of the evil creatures.
    The man smiled wider and continued. "Then, one day, there was a fierce battle with the squids. It lasted a long time, and many of the recruits didn't make it out alive. But in the end, the Sky Army prevailed and peace was returned to Minecraftia. The friends went their separate ways, no longer needed by their fellow Minecraftians. But the man named Deadlox still waited. He still waited for the squids to strike again. And he still waits to this day. But for now, we are all safe."
    "Deadlox seems like such a nice man!" Skylar exclaimed.
      The man smiled and looked at the setting sun, his expression far away. "He was..." He said, his voice almost yearning.
     The little girl's eyes widened. "You mean the story is real?"
     The man looked down at his daughter, hesitation just barely evident in his eyes... Then it went away as soon as it had come.
     He smiled and ruffled the girl's hair. "Of course not." He said. "It's just a story."
     He looked back at the setting sun and his expression grew blank again, as if his thoughts were elsewhere. "Just a story..."
Worked with ~MonnieTheCrafter to write this!

Hope ya guys like it! :D
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